Our story

At Masala Bowl we cook every dish on our menu with fresh, high quality ingredients within a fun & dynamic home like environment. We believe, there is absolutely no joy in food that doesn’t possess any masala, so all our masalas are freshly prepared by our amazing kitchen family just for you! As simple as it sounds, we experience the use of a "bowl" in every culinary space; be it during preparation of ingredients, cooking or even serving! So, our story is in celebrating this amazing utensil in every dish we plate up to you using our own fresh masalas, hence our name Masala Bowl! Our focus is to provide our guests with a euphoric and satisfying dining experience using locally sourced produce with a strong commitment to customer service & satisfaction . We aim to connect flavours of Southern Asia to capture the character & culture of the authentic roots passed down from years of great cooking alongside creating a vibrant combination of modern fusion food. We provide support for our employees and encourage them to be creative and make their own decisions so that we can treat every customer as if they were a guest in our home, creating memorable experiences. We hope to see you soon and look forward to you trying our fun, flavourful dishes full of love!

Our Vision

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